IoniCell is a dietary supplement, in an easy to swallow capsule. Enhanced with an anti-aging formula, it can protect and energize your cells while maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. If you are among the over 90 million Americans who are struggling with their blood glucose, IoniCell may be able to help you.

Experience these Results:

  • Protect, Enhance & Re-energize Cells
  • Better Manage Healthy Glucose Levels
  • Absorb and Utilize Nutrients

Directions for Use:

Take 1-2 capsules (300mg each) of IoniCell, preferably after a meal Visit our FAQ page to learn more!

$19.59 / Bottle

Sorry this product is currently not available in stores.

Real people, real results.

Uses IoniCell®

I have been taking IoniCell for several weeks and have realized a noticeable drop in my daily glucose levels. I have also found that my wake fasting glucose levels are now between 85 and 90, whereas before they were 160 to 190. I have also experience better mobility, energy and weight loss.”