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About Ioniplex®

Many beneficial supplements prove difficult and often impossible to migrate to critical metabolic sites in our bodies due to their lack of bioavailability. This results in their being eliminated as waste before they can accomplish their intended purpose. What is needed to solve that problem is a compatible bioactive carrier capable of transporting active ingredients to their desired destination in the body.

Ioniplex, a patented fulvic ionic mineral complex is such a carrier. In addition to its extraordinary bioavailability, it contains 65+ minerals and trace minerals in the form of totally dissolved solids in an ionic state that further enhance its beneficial characteristics as it penetrates cellular walls.

Further, Ioniplex acts as a detoxifier, by chelating and removing heavy metals and neutralizing free radicals within the cellular structure thus protecting our cells from further damage.

With this unique structure, Ioniplex has been clinically proven to help protect against cellular damage, increase cellular energy, enhance nutrient absorption, improve muscle restoration, improve the strength and appearance of skin, hair and nails, strengthen bone cells and connective tissue, manage healthy blood sugar levels, neutralize free radicals and detoxify cells.

As a stand alone supplement or as a key ingredient in supplement formulations, it is a highly effective addition to achieving and maintaining optimum health.

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About Mineral BioSciences

Mineral Biosciences, a division of the Global Organics Group of companies, is strictly focused on human and animal wellness. Our products and our mission is simple, to create natural and organic solutions for those looking to improve their health and lifestyle and live life to the fullest.

For over 20 years we have worked behind the scenes as an ingredient supplier for companies that specialize in human health, athletic enhancement, glucose management, healthy aging, personal care, and animal husbandry. Over that time we have become the world’s leading and largest manufacturer of fulvic acid and ionic mineral complexes.

After 20 years behind the scenes, we are excited to offer a consumer product line directly to the public, so you can enjoy all of the nutritional and biological health benefits we have to offer.